Why Hiring a Tour Guide in Fes is a Must-Do for your Morocco Trip

March 17, 2023by Salma Salma0

Fes is the oldest imperial city of Morocco in which there’s so much to tour and explore. As a matter of fact, it is well established that there are a variety of sights and activities to enjoy in this historical, cultural, and traditional city, from its magnificent mosques and madrasas to its lively souks and markets. To get all of that done, you are going to need to opt for Hiring a Tour Guide in Fes so as to not get overwhelmed with navigating the city by yourself.

So, read on this blog to unravel the top reasons why Hiring a Tour Guide in Fes is a must-do for your Morocco trip. We’ll demonstrate why having a tour guide in Fes will significantly improve your journey to uncover the cultural riches and hidden gems of this enthralling Moroccan city, from professional knowledge to tailored encounters.

Benefits of Hiring a Tour Guide in Fes

Suspense, passion, trepidation, and curiosity are always present while traveling to a new place. Meanwhile, your flexibility, comfort, and efficiency will surely increase if you roam around a city with a tour guide. The following are some reasons why you should hire a tour guide in Fes:

Overcome the language barrier: Darija “Moroccan Arabic”, Tamazight, French, and English—which has become popular among Moroccans (particularly young ones)—are among the languages that Moroccans can speak fluently. A tour guide who speaks your language well is useful for getting you through the ancient locations where most embarrassing circumstances, strange interactions with little store owners and people who can only speak their home tongue might occur. A tour guide will also assist you in understanding the importance of certain locations and cultural customs that shape Fes.

Gain knowledge: A tour guide in Fes will have extensive knowledge of the city’s history, culture, and customs, making the trip more educational and enjoyable. The experience of visiting Fes with a tour guide will be one you will never forget. It is impossible to emphasize the value of having a tour guide, whether it is for a private visit specially planned for you to Jnan Sbil Garden, a tour of Quarawiyine University or the Ibn Danan Jewish Synagogue, an art exhibition in the old Medina, or a private cooking class. Private tour guides ensure that you visit all the appropriate locations in addition to being informed locals who may provide the right recommendations.

Get local insight: Understanding the specifics and histories of well-known locations as well as lesser-known facts and information that only locals are aware of is seen as a focal point for tourists. You will learn numerous secret facts and details from a tour guide that you will not discover online about the city of Fes. Also, a tour guide will point out small nuances that you might not even notice, providing an entirely unique experience that you wouldn’t learn about if you were to explore on your own.

Save time: Locals of Fes have the necessary tools for navigating the city with ease, including avoiding rush hour traffic, recognizing shortcuts, and understanding the regular and unusual opening hours of attractions. Hiring a tour guide in Fes will help you save time by getting you to your destination quickly, seeing a lot in one day, and working to ensure you time your trips and commutes effectively. You won’t have to worry about getting lost in the city, either!

Enjoy a personalized experience: You can also ask questions and participate in debates to have a better grasp of the city. An in-depth examination of the city’s historic, artistic, and cultural landmarks is provided during a private tour of Fes. Having a Fes tour guide allows for personalization based on interest, which might include prolonged trips to monuments, mosques, holy places, gardens, new museums, and souk shopping. A less hurried and more individualized guided experience is also provided by a private tour with a tour guide.

Have a personal resource: Both before and during your trip, the tour guide will be ready to respond to your questions and make suggestions based on what you are interested in. A knowledgeable tour guide may provide a level of experience and information that no guidebook, audio guide, or plaque-reading will even come close to in locations that are especially rich in historical or cultural value, like Fes city. An excellent tour guide is knowledgeable about current events and can explain the legends surrounding the statue, temple, or monument.

Make a foreign friend: When you hire a tourist guide in another nation, you continue to maintain your personal link there. You may always contact your guide for questions, recommend your friends, or schedule your next trip quickly and conveniently while saving a lot of money. With your tour guide, it is simple to have such enjoyable, insightful, and fulfilling discussions and shared experiences, which contribute to the creation of the best memories.

By informing you about the history, culture, and customs of the city as well as assisting you in navigating its confusing streets and alleyways, hiring a tour guide in Fes will significantly improve your stay in the city. Even while you might be capable of discovering the city on your own, a tour guide can make your experience more educational, fun, and memorable. Therefore, if you’re planning a trip to Fes, consider hiring a tour guide to help you uncover the city’s hidden treasures.

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